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Something about myself

Hi all,

I’m just going to write a short piece here about who I am and why I have made this blog.


The title indicates alot about what the contents of this blog will be about, in essence I am a Polytheist (I believe in many Gods) and the Hellenic? That means I worship the Greek Gods, yes the Olympians. I worship my Gods in the same manner as the ancients would have, this makes me a re-constructionist. As a re-constructionist I place importance on scholarly research into what made the Greek religion ‘Greek’, it means I look for facts to validate my practice.


Some ‘Pagan’ paths are eclectic or totally modern ideas of what ‘Pagan’ worship is, it can be a pick and mix or more closely aligned with western ceremonial magick. I really avoid the ‘Pagan’ word as it is in essence not accurate for who I am, ‘Pagan’ means country dweller as the countryside generally converted to Christianity slower then the cities and towns – I live in a city, so I am in no way ‘Pagan’. There is much debate on what the definition of ‘Pagan’ is and I take it’s meaning literally. I define myself as a Polytheist, as a Hellene and also as a follower of Hellenismos.
In my next blog I will talk more of why I became interested in honoring the Greek Gods and also as to why those Gods are the Greek Gods and not for example say, the Egyptian, Norse or even Hindu.


Until then, please follow my blog if you so choose, post comments, ask questions and I will try to reply to them and address them to the best of my ability.
Thanks for reading and the best to you and yours,